Lentil Salad

I have to say that lentils are one of my favorite type of beans. It is full of flavor, high in iron, high in fiber, easy to cook and very in-expensive.  I make some kind of lentil dish at least once a week and this salad is one of the more popular one in summer time. It has color, texture and flavor.

1       pound whole lentil

4      scallions, chopped

1       cup diced celery

1       red bell pepper, diced

1       cup chopped Italian parsley

1/2   teaspoon red pepper flakes

zest of one lemon

3/4   cup lemon juice

1/2   cup olive oil

1/2   cup crumbled feta cheese, optional

-Place all the vegetables in salad bowl and toss gently.

-Whisk the lemon juice with the lemon zest, pepper flakes and olive oil. Set aside.

-Place the lentil in pot, cover with water, salt lightly and bring to a boil.  Boil for 10 minutes or until the lentil are cooked but not much or over cooked.  Remove from the heat, drain and place over the vegetables.

-Pour the dressing over the hot lentil and toss until well coated.

-Spoon the salad into shallow serving platter, sprinkle with the feta cheese and serve.


  1. says

    Thanks Anne – wondering what to cook for lunch today and now I know! I have no paspnirs at present but I’m guessing that won’t make too much of a difference. I really enjoy your blog!Anne (in Tasmania, Australia)

  2. sanaacooks says

    Hello Noemi:I am not Anne but I am glad the you liked my lentil salad. Enjoy it. Sanaa

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