How to Make Dairy Free Parmesan Cheese?

Let me start by apologizing to all the Italians.  I’m sorry for referring to this recipe as the one for Parmesan cheese.  However, this is what I set my talent on making for the vegans out there.  I have many customers do not consume dairy, and I wanted them to be able to experience the delectable taste of Parmesan cheese.

Using almonds in this recipe makes the cheese a healthier option due to the endless health benefits of this tasty nuts.

Dairy Free “Parmesan cheese”

Makes 1 cup

1       cup slivered almonds

1       clove garlic

1/2   jalapeño Pepper

1       teaspoon chopped sage

1       teaspoon chopped rosemary

2      slices fresh lemon

2      cups water

1       tablespoon sea salt

-Pour the water and the salt into small saucepan.  Mix well.

-Place the garlic with the sage, the pepper , the lemon slices and the rosemary in two layers of cheesecloth, tie well and then place in the  saucepan.

-Bring the salted water with the herb bundle to a boil.  Remove from the heat, add the almonds and set aside to cool.  Leave the almonds in the brine for 8 hours or over night.

-Remove the herb bundle, drain the brine and then spoon the almonds on cookie sheet.  Heat oven for 250 F. degree and bake the almonds for 10 minutes.  Remove from the oven and allow the almonds to cool for couple hours.

-Grind the almonds in food processor or clean coffee grinder into fine powder.  Save in tight container and use the same way you would use Parmesan cheese.

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