The Gluten Free Mediterranean Cookbook, by Sanaa

Flavor and texture reign supreme in these recipes – from falafel, kufta kebabs, and chicken shish tawook  – to cheese and onion pie, savory pizza, and delicious walnut-stuffed cookies for dessert.  Celiac sufferers won’t feel cheated with this wholesome, tasty food.   Look inside and you’ll find:


  • Over 200 recipes for those with allergies to wheat gluten
  • A gamut of appetizers, soups, salads and main dishes,
  • Sinfully delicious baked goods, and desserts.
  • Substitutes for Mediterranean staples like bulgar wheat  and bread dough
  • Delectable vegan and vegetarian dishes

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Here’s just a few things people are saying about Gluten Free Mediterranean!

Farid Kutayli says, “With the cornucopia of books about gluten free diets, one would wonder what could chef Sanaa contribute to this crowded field with her new book “Gluten Free Mediterranean”. The answer is quite obvious and simple: Avail tasty, versatile, rich and healthy meals to the whole family of patients suffering from celiac disease. There is no more need to cook two different appetizers, entrees or deserts. The same prepared food will be enjoyed by all members of the family, thus protecting patients and first degree relatives who may be borderline cases of celiac disease and who may manifest it clinically in adulthood. The use of mediterranean cuisine is the icing on the cake, allowing a gamut of rich taste, low cholesterol and organic healthy resources without additives or chemical preservatives.”

George Patton says, Gluten sensitivity not necessary to get the benefits of this cookbook. Probably the best of all gluten free cookbooks, the author focuses on Italian, French and Middle Eastern cuisines–all of them gluten free–that stand on their own as excellent recipes. If you are gluten sensitive, then you’re in for a treat, as the food prepared from these recipes are a taste sensation.”

Cooking Maven says, “This cookbook seems to stand on its own, whether or not the reader is gluten sensitive. That’s the reality of the creative recipes in this cookbook, that is, if you are gluten sensitive, you are in for a treat. If you’re not, you’re still in for a treat, as the recipes are healthy, tasty and helpful.”

Maan Barhoum says, “A great book. I am a physician who treats Celiac disease patient, this book was very helpful for my patients. Healthy food for peoples with celiac disease, easy to follow instruction, best Book on the market for celiac disease in my opnion.

Dinah Tabbah says, ” Who Knew Gluten-Free could be so delicious?  Some of my fondest childhood memories took place in my mother’s kitchen, a mysterious place that was off-limits to me growing up. My young Syrian mother glided effortlessly from stove-top to sink to refrigerator and back without missing a beat. The longer she spent creating her magnificent Middle Eastern dishes, the more delicious the house would smell. Dinnertime was always a magnificent treat.  Now I am a mother raising a four-year old boy whose palate can be described as…limited. Between nuggets and french fries and packaged goods, there is a tugging inside of me that yearns to expose him to the wondrous dishes that I grew up on. This is where Sanaa Aburezek comes in. Her cookbooks provide accessible, colorful, and often witty instructions on how to create flavorful and nutritious Mediterranean dishes for novice and seasoned chefs alike. Her presentation is flawless, and the pages are filled with practical and creative approaches to the preparation and presentation of her recipes. And now with the alarming rise of children and adults developing serious allergies to gluten-laden foods, Sanaa’s most recent cookbook “Gluten-Free Mediterranean” couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time. Two thumbs up!