Lunch Menu

Pop in for lunch for a savory meal. At Sanaa’s we pride ourselves on our delicious vegan and gluten free options. Our food is cooked daily from scratch and makes you feel good when you eat it. We only use the freshest ingredients and our food contains zero trans fat. Come for a meal everyone will enjoy!


Shish Tawook: Chicken breast pieces cooked in red sauce with cumin, mustard, garlic and sesame seed paste, served on a bed of basmati rice with your choice of salad.
Kufta Kabob: Ground beef seasoned with a touch of cilantro, parsley and seasoning, and cooked in a light tomato cumin sauce, served on a bed of basmati rice with your choice of salad.
Beef Kibbeh: Ground beef, fine bulgur wheat and onion pureed into patties seasoned and stuffed with sautéed onion and ground beef, and then baked to perfection. Served with our Tabbouli salad and Yogurt Cucumber sauce.
Beef or Chicken Fetayer Combo: Your choice of closed beef or chicken pie and your choice of salad, basmati rice pilaf and yogurt cucumber sauce.
Vegetarian Kibbeh: Fine bulgur, potato and a touch of onion pureed into patties, seasoned and stuffed with sautéed onion and soy protein, and then baked to perfection.  Served with Tabbouli salad and Yogurt Cucumber Sauce.
Mjadara: Lentil and Bulgur Wheat Pilaf cooked with Caramelized onion and your choice of salad.
Mezza Sampler: A platter of hummus, muhammarah, green olive dip and stuffed grape leaves, with pita bread.

SALADS ($5.25)

Tabbouli Salad: Finely chopped parsley, mixed with bulgur wheat, tomatoes, onions and olive oil and lemon juice dressing.
Cabbage Salad: Chopped cabbage, radishes, and tomatoes in mint, lemon juice and olive oil dressing.
Sanaa’s House Salad: Romaine lettuce, parsley, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and mint with bulgur wheat and garbanzo beans in lemon juice olive oil dressing.

FATAYER ($5.25 – $6.25 each)
Fatayer is a Mediterranean calzone, made from pita bread dough, which is filled with a variety of stuffings, brushed with olive oil and baked in our stone oven.

Feta, Tomato and Mint: Pita bread dough topped with a mixture of feta cheese, diced tomatoes, mint and olive oil.
Feta, Olives and Oregano: Pita bread dough topped with a mixture of feta cheese, chopped green olives, wild oregano and olive oil.
Spinach and Walnuts: Pita bread dough stuffed with a mixture of fresh spinach, walnuts, onion and olive oil.
Eggplant: Broiled Eggplant With roasted sweet bell pepper, onions, light tomato sauce and feta cheese, closed and baked in pita bread dough.
Falafel Fatayer: Falafel  (Chick pea) patties, mixed with cucumber pickles, diced tomatoes and drizzled with tahini sauce, wrapped and baked.
Laham b’ajeen: A meat pie made with beef, onions, pomegranate molasses, and seasoning, baked in pita bread dough.
Mussakhan: Chicken breast pieces, sauteed with julienned onions, sun-dried tomato, roasted sweet red pepper and seasoning, closed and baked in pita bread dough.
Chicken Tahini: Chicken Breast pieces with tahini sauce, cumin, lemon zest and ginger, closed and baked in pita bread dough.

Includes your choice of Salad, Saffron Rice Pilaf and Sauce.

Feta Cheese Combo: ($8.95)
Spinach Pie Combo ($8.95)
Eggplant Combo ($9.95)
Felafel Combo ($9.95)
Chicken or Beef Combo: ($9.95)

SPREADS & DIPS ($5.95 each)

Fresh Hummus: Garbanzo beans pureed with tahini (sesame seed paste), lemon juice and a touch of garlic.
Green Olive Tapenade: Green olive, walnuts, onions and parsley pureed with olive oil.
Muhammara: Pureed red bell pepper, walnuts, pomegranate molasses and coriander.

SOUP ($5.75 per bowl)

Our soul-warming soups are made from scratch daily.  Served with fresh-baked pita bread.

PASTRIES (prices vary)

Our variety of pastries and desserts change daily!  Check out our pastry case and you will find fresh Baklava, Lady Fingers, Bassma, Ma’amoul, and many, many more sweet delights.

BEVERAGES )prices vary)

We serve a variety of beverages including fresh coffee, tea, bottled water, and canned soft drinks. A variety of hand-selected wines are also available upon request with our dinner menu. Our Friday and Saturday buffet include unlimited coffee and tea, or your choice of soft drink.