Cooking Lesson 8/Lentil Salad, Lentil Pilaf and Lentil Soup

Lentil Salad serves 6 1       pound lentil 6      scallions, chopped 1      red bell pepper, diced 1      yellow bell pepper, diced 2     cups chopped parsley 6     tablespoons olive oil zest of one lemon 1/2  cup lemon juice salt to taste 1/2  cup crumbled […]

Fetat, Is The Way To go For An Old Bread

 Some of the best dishes in every cuisine in the world has been developed from the creativity of ancient cooks who refused to throw away food that is not fresh either because of poverty orbecause the lack of access to plentiful ingredients.  In the Mediterranean, bread was a basic ingredient that should never be wasted. Cookes used dry and […]

Vegan Pasta Mold

My Italian friends would scream if they knew I mention tofu and Italian in the same sentence let alone using it in Italian food.  One of the characteristic of tofu is that  it is flavorless.  Some people find that to be very disadvantageous. For me, I see that as a plus. Because tofu has no taste it can […]

Living In Denial

When my husband’s sister, Virginia, was alive, she kept the entire family amused by denying her age.  Some people call it “lying” about one’s age, but with Virginia, we always called it “being in denial.”  For example, one day at lunch, her daughter told us that she was having her 50th birthday the second day.  […]